• Thomas Scholz

    Thomas Scholz

    Co-founder and Principal of crs Facility Services

    Tom has been a veteran of the facility support services industry for over 30 years and has been deeply involved in all aspects of the business; from operations and client development to customer service.

    He served as a Regional Senior Vice President of one of the largest privately owned firms in the industry before becoming Co-Founder and Principal of crs facility services.

    His strong foundation in operations in concert with his commitment to customer service allows him to deliver the high quality service his clients deserve while giving them most value for their dollar.

    Tom enjoys spending quality time with his son Connor. He is an avid downhill skier, golfer and tennis player. He enjoys riding his motorcycle throughout the Virginia and Maryland countryside. He has lived in the West end section of DC for over 22 years and enjoys all that it has to offer.

    He believes in the vision he and his partners share for crs facility services and is committed to its continued success and growth.

  • William Rizzuto, Jr.

    William Rizzuto, Jr.

    Co-founder and Principal of crs Facility Services

    Work history - 35yrs cleaning industry experience. Began career as an entry level account support executive and led to the COO position of a privately owned service firm with over 7500 employees.

    At crs, responsible for charting the companies direction or focus with Paul and Tom. Directly handles the financial aspects (accounting, banking) of the business, as well as new business development.

    Education - BS Managerial Science Manhattan College

    Lives is Westchester County with his one daughter, Veronica, 10 years old

    Interests - Physical fitness, golf, tennis, fishing

  • Paul Carr

    Paul Carr

    Co-founder and Principal of crs Facility Services

    Paul Carr has been married for 21 years to his wife Marie and resides in Bergen County, NJ. He Graduated from Monmouth University, Class of 1981, with a BS in Business Administration.

    • Business Organizations: BOMA
    • Personal Organizations: Member of USGA Golf Association
    • Outside Interests: Exercise, all sports- especially golf, baseball, football, hockey, travel, landscaping, wine.

    Business Goals:

    • To always be the vendor that our clients feel they can trust.
    • Continue to achieve a reputation in our industry that our competitors respect and potential clients hope they can afford.
    • To never lose an account because we could not produce what was promised.

    Paul has been in the Janitorial Service industry for 30 years. From 1984-1999 he served as a Senior Vice President/Branch Manager for one of the nation's largest, privately-held service firms.

  • Ed Buonocore

    Ed Buonocore

    Director of Operations, Principal of crs Facility

    Married with 3 children. Lives in Northern New Jersey

    Ed is responsible for all “operational related” activity and procedures.

    Ed has helped crs since its inception in developing and customizing Standard Operational Procedures.

    Ed heads up the Operations transition team which starts newly received work. This includes on-site training, develop and implement janitorial cleaning and quality control systems, which guarantees a smooth transition to new customers.

    Ed is responsible for the purchasing of supplies, chemicals, equipment and uniforms. He tests the latest industry trends to attain higher standards and productivity levels.

    Ed has developed crs' Safety Program and is the Corp. Safety Director. These responsibilities include conducting safety meetings; recording and transmitting meeting minutes, insuring recommendations and changes are implemented, promote accident prevention and set an example as the everyday standard.

    Ed has been in the Janitorial Services industry for 40 years. Prior to crs, he worked as a Vice President and Director of Operations for one of the largest Janitorial companies in the country.

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