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crs is a Green Seal certified organization committed to contributing to the efforts of environmental awareness, conservation and healthier indoor environments. To that effort, crs has initiated a green, healthy cleaning/housekeeping policy following guidelines that comply with Green Seal Standards 1, 37,40,41, 42 and 44, LEED EB-O&M and recognized methods for healthy cleaning.

What does Green Cleaning really mean?

“Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.” 

Green cleaning is a comprehensive system that utilizes environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, equipment and materials that, when properly used together, cleans for health and does not adversely affect the environment. This results in greater protection for the environment and protects the health of cleaning service personnel, building occupants and visitors.

Key Points for crs' Successful Green Cleaning Program: 

  • Periodic Compliance Assessment 

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness of Cleaning Products and Materials 

  • Effectiveness of Processes and Procedures 

  • Ongoing Communication 

  • Continual Improvement to the Green Cleaning Program through Innovation and Training 


crs' Green Cleaning Program Objectives and Goals: 

  • Protecting the health of janitorial personnel, building occupants and visitors 

  • Caring for the environment 

  • Minimizing damage and wear on finishes throughout the building 

  • Reducing liability to building owners, property management company and service contractors 

  • Reducing landfill waste 

  • Increasing employee attendance 

  • Reducing employee turnover 

  • Reducing occupant complaints 

  • Improving indoor air quality 

  • Increasing tenant satisfaction 

  • Increasing tenant retention 

  • Encouraging building occupants to participate 

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